4 criteria for good car tires!

One of the most important parts of a car is a tire. It is part of the control system, acceleration, and grip of the vehicle when it is on the road and braking.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to car tires carefully. Don’t only focus on the interior and exterior of your car. But what are the criteria for a good car tire?

1. Type and size

In a risky situation, do not forget to pay attention to the functions and criteria of the tire that suits the safety and comfort of your car. Tires Discount Brisbane provides many tires with different types and sizes recommended for cars in general. Tires Discount Brisbane currently offers you mag wheels Brisbane products with good quality and affordable prices.

2. The width of the tire

The wider the tire size, the stronger its grip. But that doesn’t mean you have to install tires as wide as a monster truck. Vice versa, the smaller the width of the tire, the smaller the traction. Remember, the main function of a tire is for your safety and comfort while driving not just for display. Do not make yourself jump to the abyss because of the tire issue.

3. Tread pattern

In addition to width, tread patterns also affect the traction and acceleration. A normal road will give you a fairly good level of comfort. However, if you often drive in wet areas that have a high chance of rain, we suggest you choose a special tire. for this case, we suggest you to use grooved tire V. Tires with this tread can provide better traction when crossing a puddle. Depending on the type of road that you travel frequently, the distance, and the road conditions, your car indeed needs a different tire.

4. Tire profile

Tires with thin profiles, like 40 or 50 have a cool appearance. However, it cannot be perfect. Tires with thin profiles are very risky when used to cross a bad road because the wheels will break easily.

Therefore, car manufacturers generally install tires with thick profiles. The bigger the car size or the more passengers inside, the thicker profile is recommended to reduce the risk of damage.